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Akron Root Canal

Akron Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy in Akron

Making sure that your teeth are in good health is essential. Here at Darrow Dental, we provide a wide range of dental services and procedures to help our patients do just that. Our dentists, Dr. Marino and Dr. Nassif, are here to make sure that your teeth and gums are in good health, offering the proper treatment when needed, including root canal therapy. When it comes to conditions such as an Akron root canal, our dentists are the best around and are here to make sure that your dental health recovers in no time.

Root canal infections can often resemble cavities when it comes to symptoms, but root canal infections tend to be more painful. Symptoms relating to both conditions may occur when biting or chewing, or even drinking particularly hot or cold beverages. For root canal infections, even the act of chewing or moving your jaw can cause pain, and you may experience a throbbing sort of painful sensation throughout the day as well. Root canal infections tend to be more painful because the nerve ending in the tooth can also be affected. By treating a root canal infection right away, you can improve your dental health as well as alleviate your pain. Here at Darrow Dental, we can take a look at the affected tooth and get started on treatment right away. The treatment may depend on the nature of the infection as well as how widespread the damage is, but the goal is to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. Options for treatment may include Akron root canal therapy, root end resections, apicoectomies or even tooth extraction and removal. Infections can compromise an entire tooth, so getting the care you need as quickly as possible is essential.

If you need an Akron root canal, just visit us here at Darrow Dental to learn more about our treatment options and to restore your dental health today.

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