Dental Treatment in Akron

Treating stained teeth in Akron

Dental treatment in Akron

Dental treatment in Akron

Tooth stains are quite common, and while there are some things you can do to avoid them and keep your teeth bright white, you may still notice a creeping discoloration over the years. This is because more than just poor hygiene and tobacco use can lead to enamel discoloration and stains on teeth, and our dental experts here at Darrow Dental can teach you more about the causes as well as offer you dental treatment in Akron to counter it.

There are plenty of things that can cause tooth stains. Some of the more severe include poor oral health and hygiene, as well as tobacco use. When it comes to bad dental health, decay and disease can easily affect your teeth and gums, as well as their appearance. Smoking or other forms of tobacco use can leave your teeth yellowed and brown, but it can also have a drastic effect on your dental health as well. But even things like coffee, tea, wine, soda, and even simply getting older can cause stains and discoloration, too. Brushing between meals can help limit plaque buildup but it can also help prevent stains from setting in. But when it comes to developing stains and discoloration, we here at Darrow Dental can help you get rid of them. Here at our offices, Dr. Marino can provide you with an expert dental treatment in Akron that will safely and successfully lift and dissolve stains on teeth, leaving your smile whiter and brighter than ever before. The treatment method we use is Opalescence Go, and we also provide fluoride treatments in addition to teeth bleaching to make sure that your enamel remains strong. We can even provide you with at-home touch up kits so you can keep your smile bright for as long as possible.

Teeth whitening is easier and safer than you think, and we here at Darrow Dental can provide you with the expert care you need to transform your smile. To schedule your whitening dental treatment in Akron, call our offices today.

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