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Pediatric Dentist in Akron

Early childhood cavities in Akron

Pediatric dentist in Akron

Pediatric dentist in Akron

Even though a young child’s primary teeth are only there for a short time it is still extremely to protect them and keep them healthy. The most pervasive problem that our pediatric dentist in Akron sees among our youngest patients is tooth decay and cavities. While the incidence of cavities is down in the entire population over the past 20 years, our doctors at Darrow Dental still need the assistance of parents and the children in preventing decay among youngsters’ teeth.

Major causes of tooth decay are sugary, sticky foods and beverages. The more sugar consumed, the more acid that gets produced leading to decay. Sugar combines with plaque to weaken the enamel leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay. Each time a child eats a sugary snack their teeth are vulnerable to damage from the acids for the next 20 minutes. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry emphasizes that the frequency and duration of oral exposure to foods and drinks with large amounts of sugar should be given the same consideration as diet itself when it comes to preventing tooth decay and cavities in children. According to our pediatric dentist in Akron, for many young children one of the main culprits are milk or sugar liquids and juices given to the child in baby bottles, which stay with the child for long periods of time, often overnight. Frequent snacking is also a cause of decay.

Prevention of tooth decay in children is a high priority for our pediatric dentist in Akron. Our prevention program includes teaching children the proper way to brush, and floss their teeth as well as the importance of doing so. Our staff works with the young patients to develop enthusiasm for cleaning their teeth. Our doctor also recommends regular checkups and cleanings plus the application of dental sealants and fluoride treatments to protect the teeth. Parents should also limit sugary and starchy foods, and fill sippy cups with water only as well as avoid letting the child sleep with a bottle. Please call our office for an appointment to help protect your child’s teeth.

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