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Tallmadge dental office

Tallmadge Dental Office

Preventive care in Tallmadge

One of the most important goals of any dental practice is to help its patients prevent future dental problems from ever occurring. Our Tallmadge dental office of Darrow Dental Associates offers many preventative care services to keep the whole family’s teeth healthy and their smiles bright including our all-important teeth cleaning.

Our practice believes that our patients are the first line of defense in protecting their own teeth from decay and other dental problems and that together we can prevent future problems and promote healthy teeth. The doctors at our Tallmadge dental office provides regular comprehensive examinations and radiographs to evaluate the state of your oral health and diagnose any present or developing problems. We can recommend treatments that can minimize any impending problems. We provide teeth cleaning as well as dental sealants for the permanent molars of our young patients to help keep decay out.

Our dentists stress that the best way to prevent tooth and gum problems caused by decay is to keep the teeth clean. Our office emphasizes that regular Upper West Side teeth cleaning will help rid the teeth of decay causing bacteria from left over food particles and other debris. A dental cleaning from our hygienist scrapes away these food particles from around and between the teeth and gums. The office cleaning alone is not enough to ward off future problems. Our doctors recognize the extreme importance of routine daily dental care at home. Proper tooth brushing, flossing and use of dental rinses are key to promoting good dental health. We work with our younger patients to make sure that they develop the best techniques in terms of daily dental care and understand the importance of it. We try to make good dental habits fun for children. Make an appointment with our Tallmadge dental office to evaluate the state of your dental health and we’ll develop a preventative program just for you.

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